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Past Weddings

Take a look at the past events The Wedding Choreographers have choreographed.
Also hear what the couples had to say for themselves!

Lara & Mark

Lara and Mark’s Wedding Dance - The Wedding Choreographers from The Wedding Choreographers on Vimeo.

“How can we put in words what TWC did for our wedding…
Absolutely Incredible!
We wanted to do something unique and unforgettable for our wedding reception and that’s exactly what they delivered. Our opening dance was quite the sight, I remember guests standing on their chairs and cheering throughout the entire routine, we all felt like stars. Everything from the wedding party introductions to the dance routine that followed was choreographed specifically for us. This is still something that is talked about to this day; Minerva gave us something that will be remembered for a long time. She managed through a few rehearsals to transform our uncoordinated wedding party into a sensational, synchronized, spectacle! This is the only way to get the party of your lifetime started!
Thank you Minerva  for bringing our reception to life, I still get goosebumps just thinking about the “opening act”…Definitely the time of our lives!”

- Mark & Lara Oulahen (Aug 24/2007)

Greg & Fiona

“[The Wedding Choreographers] were amazing at getting us ready for the wedding – thank you so much! We wanted to do something that was classy, but didn’t look overly choreographed. The few swing moves you taught were just right to allow us to “improvise” a great little routine. We’re pretty sure that our friends and family were blown away with our new found dance skills – there was quite a bit of cheering for the big dip finish. It’s amazing what you can do with just two lessons and a bit of practice!”

-Greg and Fiona

Michelle & Cary

“We both knew we wanted to do something special for our first dance. As the wedding day got closer, we became nervous that time was running out for us to pull off something spectacular. But just a week before the event, we found the Wedding Choreographers. They kindly assured us “it can be done” and went straight to work crafting a dance specific to our song and our personalities. Within days, they had put together a fresh and easy-to-learn routine for us! We knew we would be in good hands…We are still getting calls and emails from people who attended saying things like “It was the best time, we’ve never had so much fun at a wedding!” or “We have never seen anyone do such an original first dance before!”

It was a wedding wish we thought may not come true. But because of you, our first dance was everything we hoped it would be – it was spectacular! This was an amazing way to landmark our married life together. You have given us a gift we will always remember. Thank you!”

-Cary Springer & Michelle Saberon-Springer, October 10, 2008

Lindsay & Andrew

Wissam & Groomsmen

Amanda & John

“Thank you so much for choreographing and working with us for our entrance dance. We had lots of fun and it totally took all our guests by surprise. They loved it, especially John’s ‘booty-popping’, who knew he had it in him? It was really so much fun and the perfect way to start our evening!”

- Amanda & John (August 29, 2009)
*Our couple was also featured on CBC News!

Rebecca & Alvin

Jen & Tyler

“We were searching for the right choreographers to assist us in making our first dance as special and memorable as it could be when we came across Minerva and the Wedding Choreographers Co.  We could tell by their website and in-depth resumes that their company was head and heals above the rest of the competition in the Toronto area, and we were right.  Upon meeting with Minerva we could immediately tell that with the energy and enthusiasm she brought to the job our dance was going to be all that we envisioned.  Being that we had never had any type of dance experience before we figured we would find it very difficult to learn such a difficult routine as “dirty dancing”.  However, Minerva’s patience and teaching experience helped us improve and feel more confident throughout each and every lesson.  There were numerous times that Minerva would stay later than our hour to make sure we learnt everything she intended us to, and so we felt comfortable with the new steps when leaving.  By the time our last session came around not only were we confident in succeeding in our dance but we also realized that through this process Minerva had become a good friend that truly cared about the outcome of our dance. On the wedding day we caught everyone by surprise with how fluent and easy our “dirty dancing” rendition was performed.  We nailed every step with confidence and left shock and awe on all of our guests faces.  Many guests commented that it was the best first dance they had ever witnessed and are still talking about it to this day.  It was a day we will never forget, and there was no better occasion to knock people off their feet than on our wedding day.  We are very thankful to have chosen Minerva and the Wedding Choreographers, they were a huge part of making our wedding day so wonderful and will forever be a part of our memories because of it.  Thanks Minerva!”

- Jen & Tyler (July 21, 2010)  -video coming soon!

Melanie & Liat (October 10, 2010)

Joanna & Adam (May 22, 2011)

“We wanted to do something really special at our wedding, and Minerva from the Wedding Choreographers & Co really helped us to achieve that. She was so friendly and fun, and she really made us feel at ease during our dance lessons. Even with our level of dance, Minerva was very patient and helped us learn every step until we got it perfect. She was really fun to work with, and we always looked forward to our dance lessons. We would highly recommend the Wedding Choreographers & Co to anyone looking to “wow” their guests at their wedding. Thank you Minerva for helping us to create one of our favourite memories from our wedding!”

-Joanne & Adam

Nancy & Terrence “Lucky”

Roy & Groomsmen “Single Ladies”

“Doreen and I wanted to thank from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our special night. The guys, me, Doreen, 200+ guests could not get over our dance and how well we performed. I was extremely picky when searching for the perfect choreographer. I knew instantly when I spoke to Minerva that she was the one to help push 9 guys into doing a dance they were not the most thrilled about. By the end of week 7 (yes we learned this in seven weeks) the guys were asking for more dance classes. lol You were always flexible and with so much going on with wedding preparation you were more then accommodating and made it easy for us to get together and never skip a beat! You are truly amazing and any choreographer that can get a group of men to dance to ‘Single Ladies’ and love it, is very talented at what she does! Doreen and I are truly blessed to have found the perfect instructor to help celebrate our big day. Single Ladies Ouuttttttt!!!”


Natasha & Craig

Carol & Jasen

Allison & Mike

“our guests loved it! Everyone was surprised and we were so happy that we’d done it (even Mike). We had such a beautiful wedding, and the dance just topped off the day for us. It’s a memory that we’ll always cherish”

- Allison

Shawn & Fritzie

“Minerva had such patience and enthusiasm during our sessions, that we were able to learn everything in such a short period of time. On top of everything, she also brought in her ballroom specialist, Melissa who was able to choreograph our slow dance in only one session!
One of the intangible and valuable aspects Minerva was able to leave with us was the confidence to do our dance on our own. This was so important considering that she would not be able to coach us on our big day in Italy. It’s one thing to choreograph a dance for somebody, it’s at a totally different level to give confidence and teach someone to dance well enough so they can pass that confidence on to the rest of the bridal party. Minerva is not only a talented choreographer but a world-class instructor, a very rare combo to find and we were lucky enough to do so. If you are actually serious about having choreography for your wedding day, you can’t risk looking like a fool in front of everyone you know, so you really need to go with professionals. So go with the best…there really is no other option but to go with The Wedding Choreographers.
Thanks again for everything!”

- Shawn & Fritzie